Who makes the news: Fancy being involved in The Global Media Monitoring Project?

In the coming weeks groups of people in over 110 countries will gather all the news materials produced over the course of a day and analyse each story in order to understand how women are presented in the news. We will record television and radio news broadcasts produced in Northern Ireland as well as looking at the main newspapers containing local news. For each story that features a female we will be asking how she is presented – victim, hero, villain, eye candy? Does the story perpetuate gender stereotypes or actively challenge them? How is the woman defined in the story – her occupation, family role, age, race, hair colour?

There are so many messages we can miss about how women are perceived in our news media that subtly shape the backdrop against which we are expected to live and work. A project like the Global Media Monitoring Project not only allows us to illuminate the underlying sexism in our own wee country but also gives us the opportunity to make a valid, meaningful comparison against the other countries taking part.

I’ve signed up to be coordinator for Northern Ireland and so far both @mrtumnus and @amybat have volunteered to be involved. But we’re going to need more help. If you’re interested in getting involved we still need people to help complete the analysis which involves filling in coding sheets with data from each story. We will be arranging dates to work on this together sometime later in the month and would love more hands on deck.

If you can help with this job please comment below and I’ll get in touch.



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